Unacceptable: 61.6% of #LGBT youth who reported incidents of bullying said that school staff did nothing.

No one helped me when I was bullied (though I had some amazing teachers as a teen who helped support me about childhood abuse). Books were my safety and refuge.
I felt so alone as a queer teen who was being bullied at school, abused/tortured at home, and unable to talk about most of it. I think if there’d been more awareness and acceptance of LGBT youth, and more awareness of severe abuse and trauma, I would have gotten safer so much earlier. I might not have tried to kill myself. That’s a huge part of why I write the books I do–to let others know they’re not alone and they can get through this.

LGBTQ youth are bullied more often than others. And if they’re abuse survivors as well it’s even harder. No one should be bullied, abused, kicked out of their homes for who they love. It’s so important we let LGBT youth–and anyone facing bullying or abuse–that they are not alone and they can get through this.

-Cheryl Rainfield